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Top Interior Designers in Pakistan 2023

Interior Designers in Pakistan

The interior designers in Pakistan have reached new heights, with extravagant mansions becoming the norm across the country, its scope is not just in major urban centres. There is now substantial evidence supporting the design needs of both homes and workplaces. Hotels now come with their own set of design guidelines, with which they hope to set the standard for innovative, eco-friendly design. The challenge of good design is not just to make something look nice; it’s also to make something that serves a practical purpose in a novel way. Construction companies are no longer responsible for interior design, and there is no longer a predetermined set of components. It’s a safe bet to say you won’t have any second thoughts about your decision to employ a professional interior designer if you’re intent on achieving a high level of aesthetic satisfaction.

Interior Designers in Pakistan
Interior Designers in Pakistan

We’ve done the research for you and found the best Interior Designers in Pakistan. Feel free to pick one.

Aenzay Interior

Aenzay Interiors and Architects find the most cost-effective solutions for their clients. Their expertise is in the design of homes, offices, and showrooms. With their headquarters in Lahore, they provide services throughout Pakistan.

They Provide Services in Interior Designing Architecture Architectural Design 3-D Construction & Fit-Outs Interior Designing and Modeling.

Waris Interior Designer

Waris Interior Designer has been in the design and decoration industry since 2007. They have been working tirelessly for a very long time. As a result, they have successfully established their brand in the industry.

Their headquarters are in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. However, you can find the top projects of this interior design company throughout the major cities of Pakistan. Waris Interior Designer is dedicated to developing strategies that are both sustainable and innovative. They provide 3D rendering and art selection as services.

  • Full Home Decoration Bedroom Design
  • Color Consultation for Bedroom Design
  • Custom Bathroom Vanities
  • Centers for Entertainment
  • Bathroom Vanities Made to Order
  • Drafting
  • Cabinets in the kitchen
  • Walk-in Closet Shelving
  • Cabinets in the kitchen
  • House Designs
  • Space Design

Stonebox Designs

Stonebox Designs comes in second on our list. They are well-known in Pakistan’s interior design industry. The high quality of work they provide to their clients has helped them establish their reputation as top interior designers in Pakistan. They are experts in architectural design, interior design, and building. They offer interior design, design implementation, and 3D design services. Design Implementation Architecture design, architectural drawings adaptation and modelling, 3D product design, logo design, and graphic design complete building consultation on creating space like a kitchen.

Azzans Interior

This is an Interior designer in Islamabad that provides world-class interior decoration. They offer the best interior design solutions to their clients while keeping their sense of style and needs in mind. They take pride in providing high-quality services that are in keeping with current trends.

Designerz Lounge

This is an interior designer in Lahore and it was established in the year 2011. Architect Muti-ul-Haq is the company’s sole proprietor. They have on staff a group of interior designers, structural engineers, architects, photographers, and graphic designers who are all experienced and qualified in their fields.

In addition to remembering the most recent market strategies, they also keep abreast of the most recent developments in economics, manufacturing technologies, and fundamental design trends.

Green Decorators

One more designer whose name can be found on the list of the best interior designers in Pakistan is Green Decorators. The majority of the places in Pakistan’s north where it operates, such as Abbottabad, Haripur, Kaghan, and Naran, are where it offers its interior design services.

Edwags Private Limited

It is one of the best interior designers in Pakistan, and its headquarters are in Lahore. Edwags Private Limited is an industry leader in all things pertaining to interior design and home decoration.

In addition, the most beneficial aspect of collaborating with it is that it delivers cost-effective decisions coupled with high-quality solutions. In addition, the services that they offer are not only delivered punctually but also conform flawlessly to the requirements that have been specified by their customers.

Services That They Provide Interior Design Architecture, Furniture, and KDW Execution Architecture.


When we talk about the best interior designers in Pakistan, we cannot leave out ARCHIDOT from the conversation. The goal of the company is to provide professional engineering solutions for their clients in the areas of design and construction of their projects. In addition to that, some of their areas of expertise include architectural construction and interior design.

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