TenUp Coin Price in Pakistan | Chart, Prediction

TenUp Coin Price in Pakistan

Waqar Zaka, a Pakistani crypto influencer, is the founder and CEO of TenUp Smart. TenUp Smart’s mission is to provide solutions for the metaverse. The term “Metaverse” refers to a combination of different technological aspects that allow people to engage with one another within a digital environment. Zaka worked together with the NED University of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan to develop the platform. In order to manage the TenUp project, the organisation has traditionally functioned as an AR and VR lab staffed by professors holding doctoral degrees.

TenUp Coin Price in Pakistan
TenUp Coin Price in Pakistan

In addition to Zaka, other members of the team include Faisal Khan, who serves as chairman; Zeeshan Abbasi, who serves as chief technology officer; Ibtisam Ahmed, who serves as blockchain developer; Arbaz Ali, who serves as web developer; and Farooq Naiyer, who serves as chief information security officer, among many others. The total number of TenUp Smart tokens that can ever be issued is capped at 200,000,000 coins.

TenUp Coin Price in Pakistan PKR

What is TENUP?

TenUp is a community-driven and decentralised platform with the mission of assisting entrepreneurs by funding their initiatives and providing aid to refugees and those who have been uprooted all over the world. This objective is something that TenUp plans to accomplish with the assistance of blockchain technology.

The platform includes a variety of components, such as the TenUp Web Wallet, which enables users to trade tokens and access a variety of platform aspects. The platform also includes a number of other features. The platform’s transaction mechanism aims to be instantly verifiable, which expands the use cases for the TUP token and contributes to the expedited acceptance of the token by the general public. Additionally, the site facilitates the process of exchanging TUP tokens for TenUp Smart tokens.

The TenUp community lends its support to all TenUp projects and makes arbitration tools available to all business owners. After new businesses have successfully completed the platform’s procedure, the platform will make an effort to secure funding for such businesses from venture capitalists. In the future, TenUp intends to establish both its own network-based token (NFT) marketplace and an internal decentralised exchange.

Within the ecosystem, the native token and primary means of trade is referred as as the TenUp token, abbreviated as TUP. The currency uses the masternode network as its foundation in an effort to provide decentralised governance and maintain users’ privacy. A server that holds a special position in the network, known as a masternode, is tasked with performing special duties and, in exchange, is rewarded with cryptocurrency. The proof-of-stake mechanism serves as the foundation for the token, and the token goes through a voting process to determine which features will be included and how the community will be involved.

The ERC-20 token standard is used on the Ethereum mainnet as the foundation for the native token. The platform intends to initiate a significant number of DeFi projects. The whitepaper describes several of these projects, some of which are the world’s first Cricket NFT marketplace, LP (liquidity provider) token staking, and TenUp Swap (DEX). Additionally, TenUp Smart is working on the development of specialised platforms such as a peer-to-peer exchange and a shariah (Islamic Law) compliance exchange.

How to buy TenUp coin in Pakistan?

There are a variety of venues through which one may get cryptocurrency, and TenUp can be acquired at any moment from a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply go to DigitalCoinPrice to obtain a list of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges and to purchase TenUp. Buy TenUp with this method is brisk, uncomplicated, and risk-free (TUP).

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