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Online Scams in Pakistan

Here we will discuss all the actions you can take on how to report online scams in Pakistan. Scams online are now becoming extremely common in Pakistan. therefore, it is imperative that you report incidents of these scams to the relevant authorities in order to protect yourself and others from falling prey to them.

How to Report Online Scams in Pakistan
How to Report Online Scams in Pakistan

What are Online Scams?

Scams are fraudulent acts that take place over the internet with the purpose of fooling individuals into giving over their personal information or financial information or sending money to the person who is perpetrating the scam. Online scams take place over the internet. Email, social media platforms, messaging apps, and websites are just some of the online venues that can be used to carry out these fraudulent schemes, which can take a wide variety of shapes and forms.

How to Report Online Scams in Pakistan

1. Contact the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

The Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is the organization in charge of looking into cases of suspected cybercrime. You are encouraged to get in touch with the FIA’s Cybercrime Branch if you have been a victim of online fraud or if you have information regarding an online scam. You can lodge a complaint in person at their office, or you can do it electronically via their website.

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2. Report scams to the Authorities

  • Initially, you should report the scam number to your service provider (Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone, and PTCL) in order to have the number you suspect of being fraudulent blocked.
  • You can also submit the number to PTA for blocking by phoning 0800-55055 or visiting This can be done in the event that you do not receive a response from the service provider.
  • PTA will block such a number, as well as the IMEI of the mobile device. If the same individual commits multiple offenses while using a different number, their CNIC will be placed on a blacklist that prevents them from receiving new SIM cards or new connections.
  • In the event that a financial or banking scam has been committed, please get in touch with the State Bank of Pakistan at
  • Contact the FIA helpdesk at 051 9106384 for more information regarding this inquiry.

3. Report to the Concerned Platform

If the potential fraud was carried out on a particular website or platform, it is recommended that you report it to that platform as well. You can utilize the reporting tool on most websites to report scams, which enables the website to take action against the scammers and protects other users from falling prey to the same scam.

I hope you will find a way How to Report Online Scams in Pakistan.

List of Online Scams in Pakistan

The following are some examples of popular frauds that can be found online:

Phishing Scams in Pakistan

Scams Using Phishing Emails and Messages Phishing scams involve sending phony emails or messages that appear to be from a legitimate source, such as a bank, social networking platform, or online commerce. Scammers use many methods to convince victims to part with sensitive information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and other private data.

Online Shopping Scams in Pakistan

Scams Affecting Online Shoppers Scams affecting online shoppers entail the creation of fraudulent websites that have the appearance of being legitimate online retailers. Scammers will advertise things at reduced costs in order to attract customers, but once they have their attention, they will either ship goods of inferior quality or counterfeit goods, or they will just take the customers’ money and vanish.

Investment Scams in Pakistan

Scams in the Investment Industry Scams in the investment industry promise high rates of return on investments with very little to no risk. Scammers may create fictitious investment firms or present investors with opportunities to invest in actual businesses that do not exist. When the profits that were promised never materialized, the victims ultimately wound up losing their money.

Lottery and Prize Scams in Pakistan

Scams Involving Lotteries and Prizes Scams involving lotteries and prizes entail delivering phony notifications to the victim that the victim has won a lottery or reward, but in order to claim the award, they need to pay a charge or supply personal information. After that, the con artists steal the money or utilize the personal details for more fraudulent schemes.

Final Words:

Scams conducted online are a notable problem in Pakistan; as a result, it is essential that individuals who come across such how to report online scams in Pakistan to the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cybercrime Wing as well as the website or platform in question. This will assist in reducing the likelihood that other individuals will fall prey to such schemes. You may assist the authorities in taking action against the con artists by supplying specifics and evidence, which will make the internet a more secure environment for everyone.

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